Words & Meaning


It is the full management of the industrial security system on its widespread trajectory of facilities from prevention, through protection, to safety and the ability to detect hazards before they occur through a set of preventive measures and procedures to provide protection to both individuals and their property from vandalism.

It is a science that is concerned with maintaining the safety and health of human beings and providing safe working environments free of the causes of accidents, through the integrated engineering of safety operations against all kinds of hazards in the working environment in accordance with international standards and techniques in the fields of occupational safety and health in enterprises and buildings. There is no way to deviate 1% from those standards in order to achieve safety goals.

Protection of individuals and  safety of enterprise against risks and threats through continuously analyzing and assessing to control challenges in working environments.

Is an intelligent flexible mind with a professional and occupational sense of security, capable of, with exclusive knowledge and professionalism, assuming the responsibilities of surveillance, protection and implementation of security and safety measures and procedures by using all supporting and enabling tools and means in full accordance with the rules and regulations of the foundation; Accordingly, his main qualities must be: Professional, honest, trusted, intelligent, brilliant, loyal, contact and communication skills, cooperative, disciplined, controlling, well-behaved and emotionally balanced.

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