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The Security and Safety Services Corporation was established in the nineties of the last century in 1990 AD by Royal Decree No. (39/2004); With the aim of providing qualitative services, products, solutions, projects and initiatives in the fields of additional security and safety on a large scale and for all sectors and industrial facilities, and the first product of the Security and Safety Foundation is (security and safety personnel) highly cultured and trained skillfully, practically and in the field at the highest levels of response and action even if it comes to protect individuals, assets and property with weapons licensed and trained; To be ready to deal with all situations and under any circumstances to protect the clients of the institution and to achieve the public interest for which the contract with the institution was concluded, which qualified it to obtain membership (the International Federation for Occupational Security).



The security and safety system with professional and digital solutions, the first locally and in the Arab world, with fair and integrated international standards



Empowering qualified national cadres to support building and protecting the assets of safe business communities