The first symposium on the security of vital facilities

Dhofar Governorate


  • Introduction

    The first Vital Facilities Security Symposium was held on September 5-7, 2022 at the Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex for Culture and Entertainment in Dhofar Governorate to build a bridge of communication between the services provided by the Security and Safety Services Corporation with service recipients in the field of professional security services and security monitoring in accordance with the work environment policies for each facility. We aim to Holding this symposium, presenting topics related to the development of the security and safety system in vital institutions and empowering workers that organize and contribute to risk assessment programs of all kinds, whether on man-made methods and practices or challenges from natural factors, climatic fluctuations, the impact of floods and hurricanes, as well as high temperatures and their impact on the nature of the earth, which necessitates the adoption of the principle of prevention and the development of appropriate plans to mitigate the effects of before, during and after accidents and crises.

  • Logo

  • Schedule and Invitees

    Symposium date: 5-7 September 2022

    Venue: Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex for Culture and Entertainment in Dhofar Governorate

    Sponsor of the occasion: His Excellency      Dr. Ahmed bin Mohsen Al-Ghassani
    Mayor of Dhofar

  • Target Groups

    • Security managers in vital facilities
    • Operations managers of critical facilities
    • Security guard supervisors
    • Maintenance and services engineers in vital facilities
    • Officials of security managers in banks, hotels and commercial complexes

  • Symposium Objectives

    • Enabling security and safety managers with everything related to protecting and securing assets and public and private property for each facility and according to the privacy of its various facilities.

    &x2022;Understand the relationship between the organizational and administrative controls for the facility's employees and the importance of adhering to the facility's security and safety procedures and measures.

    • Building and developing a private security policy that must achieve preventive protection in facilities, assets, information and workers in the facility.

    • Understanding the risk management system and the different types of risks and security challenges and developing appropriate plans for them.

    • Security techniques and their relationship for building the facility's security cordon.

    • International standards applied in the field of security and public safety in vital facilities.

    • Compiling the scientific material to be a reference for those interested in the intellectual and cognitive development of the participants in the symposium.

  • Speakers

  • Symposium Sessions

    Day 1 - Session 1:

    • Building security policies for vital installations
    • Critical facilities security strategy
    • Security strategy, cyber security, cybercrime, risk management and technology
    • Discussion session on the first day of working papers

    Day 2 - Session 2:

    • Risk management
    • Security solutions for the internal and external protection of facilities and infrastructure
    • Preparing the facility's security plan
    • Evacuation and emergency plan and its importance in the facility
    • Assess the security risks of the vital facility
    • Discussion session on the second day of working papers

    Day 3 - Session 3:

    • Cash and money management solutions for banks, retail stores and money transfer companies
    • Infrastructure security solutions technology
    • Tomorrow's technology for today's security
    • National emergency plans
    risk assessment methods
    • Security solutions to secure banks and financial institutions
    • Discussion session on working papers

  • Conclusion

    With these titles and working papers chosen very carefully, we ask God Almighty to grant us success, and to take our hands to build bridges of cooperation between the institution and all institutions and facilities in the public and private sectors to serve and build a security culture that enables us to improve the achievement of preventive security protection on all national capabilities and wealth, which is represented in the form Public and private assets and properties that provide services to all segments of society.

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