The Secound Symposium On The Security Of Vital Facilities

Dhofar Governorate


  • Introduction

    The Second Vital Facilities Security Symposium will be held on September 4-6, 2023 at the Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex for Culture and Entertainment in Dhofar Governorate to build a bridge of communication between the services provided by the Security and Safety Services Corporation with service recipients in the field of professional security services and security monitoring in accordance with the policies of the work environment for each facility. We aim to Holding this symposium to upgrade the knowledge aspect in risk management and securing assets, identifying the security challenges it faces, identifying methods and ways to confront it, and identifying the latest technologies in dealing with it, a number of papers and workshops that will be presented during it, as most of the scientific and practical solutions that will be presented by the symposium aim In order to protect the achievements of the Renaissance represented in the vital facilities, it requires that we work together to make such an event a success in the participation of those targeted in this program and the meeting with specialized houses of expertise that will inspire the intellectual and methodological value of work and gain more expertise and experience to keep the facilities in the lines of security and safety.

  • Schedule

    Symposium date: 4-6 September 2023

    Venue: Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex for Culture and Entertainment in Dhofar Governorate

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  • Target Groups

    • Security managers in vital facilities
    • Operations managers of critical facilities
    • Security guard supervisors
    • Maintenance and services engineers in vital facilities
    • Officials of security managers in banks, hotels and commercial complexes

  • Fees and Accessories

    Participation Fees (290) Omani riyals


    ✓ Bag and scientific material

    ✓ Breakfast and lunch

  • Symposium Objectives

    • Preserving assets and facilities, setting security policies, maintaining order, and raising the level of security and safety therein

    • Plans for dealing with emergency situations in the facility (crisis management)

    • Supervising, evaluating and developing (the security and safety system in the facility)

    • Security and safety committee/team, facility emergency plan, dealing with challenges, crises, natural accidents and evacuation plan

  • Speakers

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  • Symposium Sessions

    Day 1 - Session 1:

    • Safety and security readiness in dealing with events in the facility

    • Technical Consultant for health, safety and the environment

    • Occupational health and safety risks in industrial facilities

    • Artificial intelligence in the security and safety of the facility

    • Discussion session for the working papers of the first day

    Day 2 - Session 2:

    • Readiness to deal with accidents of fire and hazardous materials

    • Information and security breaches

    • Cybercrime and risk management

    • Smart City Management

    • Investigate and resolve health, safety and environment issues in industrial facilities

    • Discussion session for the working papers of the second day

    Day 3 - Session 3:

    • Security solutions for financial institutions

    • Technical standards for safes

    • Money management solutions

    • National plans for natural disasters

    • Health, safety, security and environmental risks

    • Security and safety to reduce work injuries in the industrial facility

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