Our Services

Security and safety services provides Security Guards in all kinds by employing Security Guards from both sexes qualified and trained according to the specialized security training in Sense of Security, dealing with the public, self-defence , First dealing in fire extinguishing, first aid , costumer services , high skills in using fire and electric weapon

Service includes :

  • Guarding government facilities.
  • Guarding private buildings.
  • Guarding power plants, oil and gas companies
  • Guarding private, public and sports parties and events
  • Providing additional security guards services for ports and Airports.

The institution provides insuring and transporting cash and precious properties to all banks , financial and commercial institutes at the Sultanate. This service is done by Armed Security Guards and equipped vehicles with the latest security technology which are connected to Central Monitoring Station

Service includes :

  • Transfer of Weapons
  • Transporting Munitions
  • Insurance and transportation of cash
  • Transfer of Jewelry
  • Document Transfer
  • Transfer of Valuables

Central Monitoring station works 24/7 and the station receives all alarm calls from the participants location , where it will be dealt by employees at the station and send those calls to Police stations and Civil defence, according to the type of the alarm :

Service includes :

  • Infiltration detection ( illegal infiltration)
  • Fire detection
  • Police men request as soon as possible

The training institute at the institution provides security training service for all the sectors interested in this services , and the training includes two main tracks which are :

Service includes :

Theoretical : 

  • Lectures in Security Guards
  • Inspection , Patrols and its importance
  • Managing and financial system of the institute

Applied theory:

  • in First Aids
  • military training
  • self-defence
  • weapons used at the institute
  • fire-fighting

An institution that provides a service that provides services in the field of security and safety for institutions and companies, regardless of their size and activity

Service includes :

  • Consultations in the field of security and safety of vital facilities
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