Security and Safety Training Institute

(SSTI) is a professional center specializing in providing the principles and sciences of vocational training in the field of security and safety, in accordance with the highest local and international standards and specifications. It recognizes the significance of vocational training in addressing all types of risks and challenges facing the workforce in various vital and industrial facilities, training workers to protect lives and property, reduce injuries, respond quickly to all emergency situations, and implement preventative measures in the workplace.

Institutional credits

Training packages

Level One: On Job training for security personnel

Duration: 3 months and one week

Training Units:

Course Duration
Fitness 2 Weeks
Customer Service 2 Days
The skill of pedestrians, military movements and discipline 2 weeks
First aid course Level 2 1 Day
Security guards 5 Days
Fire safety Level 1 1 day
Interpersonal Skills for a Security Guard 1 Day
IOSH – Working Safely 2 Days
A sense of security 1 Day
Fire Safety level 1 1 Day
Code of Conduct and Institutional loyalty 1 Day
Evacuation and Emergency Plan 2 Weeks
Job behaviors of security guards 2 Days
Risk assessment level 1 3 Days
Pool lifeguard rescue 1 Day
Hazardous Materials 3 Day
Carrying weapons and shooting 10 hours
Defensive driving with a light license 2 Weeks
Karate and self-defense 2 Days
H2S 2 Weeks
English language level one 2 Weeks
Key management 1 Day

Level Two: Designed for security and safety supervisor

Duration: two months

Training Units:

Course Duration
English Language level 2 1 Week
Occupational Health and Safety Management Level 2 1 day
First Aid refresher course 1 Day
IOSH – Managing Safely 2 Days
Fire Safety Level 2 3 Days
Working at Heights Level one 1 Day
Decision-making Process 1 day
Confined Space, level One 1 Day
Leadership skills 1 Day
Refresher courses in security, occupational health and safety 1 Day
Security and safety inspectors 1 Day
Security management and the skills of evaluating security and safety personnel One Day
Health, safety and environment incidents Investigating 1 Week
Negotiation and solving conflict Skills 1 Day
Inspectors to implement and follow the organization laws 1 Day

Level Three : General supervisor, Head of Department.

Duration: one month

Training Units:

Course Duration
English Language Level 3 1 Week
International Certificate in Safety in Swimming Pools 1 Day
Risk analysis and management 2 Days
Defensive driving (heavy license). 2 Days
CCTV operators 3 Days
Crisis management 1 Day
Command and control in the scene of the incident 1 day
Occupational Health and Safety Management Level 3 2 Days
Leadership skills 2 Days
Security and safety inspectors 2 Days
Communication skills 1 Day
First Aid Level 3 2 Days

Level Four: Designed for the Director of Security, Health, Safety and Environment

Duration: One month and one week

Training Units:

Course Duration
English Level 1 Week
Train the trainers 3 Days
Occupational Health and Safety Management (Level 4) 5 Days
Defensive driving (refresher course) 1 Day
Preparing exercise scenarios 1 Day
Building work teams and defining tasks and duties 1 Day
leadership skills 2 Day
Skills and methods of evaluating job performance ( KPIs) 1 Day
Nebosh Course in Occupational Health and Safety 2 Weeks
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